About Us

Classic Gems is a small team specialising in high-quality gem stones, run by experienced gemmologist Kenneth Gunatilake.

Gemmologist Kenneth Gunatilake

Kenneth, who did a study in gemmology at the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, started Classic Gems in Australia in 2003. Kenneth spends much of his time in Sri Lanka – where the stones are found – personally carrying out the purchasing for the business. His forty years of experience and expertise in the business mean that you can rely on Classic Gems for the most amazing quality gemstones.

Because we work exclusively with high-standard materials, we don’t sell to bulk manufacturers. Instead, we supply to jewellers who design unique, quality pieces of jewellery and who take pride in their one-off designs. Classic Gems specialises in all colours of Ceylon Sapphires especially the stunning Blue Sapphire found in Sri Lanka that is known worldwide for it’s unique colour, clarity and lustre.